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Pompon pour Tuque | Love Pompon


The fur pom-pom's popularity, in all its styles, has really taken off for the last few years.

The toque is the oldest known form of headgear. It was mainly reserved for the elites. As things have evolved, the traditional toque has mainly been used to protect us from the winter cold.

This accessory arouses the interest of women with the arrival of the famous fur pom-pom. Women of all ages proudly wear the fur pom-pom toque. Elegant with a more sporty look, each one defines its style according to the model of hat, color and choice of pom-poms. From the small beanie style toque to the most classic in wool, from the black to the multicolored, from the very warm to the one that is suitable for warmer temperatures, on all occasions the pom-pom toque is in order.

LOVE's Fashion Pom-pom is on the lookout for new trends. We design and make superior quality Quebec products with an extra twist. We have therefore created a detachable fur pom-pom that can be easily and quickly installed on all models of toques. Are you interested in pom-poms for YOUR toque? They are available online right here.

We offer several models of pom-poms for quality toques in several colors. You can easily choose your favorite toque and the pom-pom of your choice from our wide selection. SHOP HERE

Looking for an original gift to offer or to offer yourself, LOVE's Fashion Pom-poms made from recycled fur for toques and beanies is the ideal gift.

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